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Monday Mayhem – 3 ways you can stop making excuses right now!

Excuses. Everybody has them. I make excuses all the time. My husband will get mad, my kids will be upset, my friends won’t understand. They create a special kind of paralysis for nearly all of us.

Excuses. Everybody creates them. They keep us in the place where we don’t have to step out, step into, risk, expand, explore.

Excuses. I have been mired in them. I am too afraid. I am too late. I am not visible enough for people to listen. I am never going to be listened to so why would I try?

Excuses. I have heard them. I am too busy. I am too lazy. I am too insignificant. I am not confident. I don’t have any time.

Time spent excusing ourselves from our own personal greatness is still time spent.

excuses cat

Here are 3 ways you can stop making excuses right now:

  1. Write: When I see myself making excuses I write in my book, I make lists, I write out one thing I can do next. Writing is action everyone can take – even if you aren’t a writer.

  2. Reach out: When I don’t feel like I have anything to offer I phone a friend (aka Who wants to be a Millionaire). They always have an answer and we get to connect and chat and support each other. They walk me through my excuses.

  3. Breathe: Take a long big ass deep breath in through your nose out through your mouth. Feel your feet on the floor. Know your own power. Rinse and repeat.

Stop saying to yourself that you are unable to accomplish what you want because (insert excuse here).

It is not your excuse that is holding you back, it is your belief in your excuse that is stopping you.

If you want me to help you push through an excuse let’s jump on the phone, it doesn’t cost you a thing and I promise it will be super fun. Schedule time with me here!

Cause some mayhem, raise some hell, Dr. Melissa Bird


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