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Join me for 60 minutes of magic in the portal.

During this 1 hour 1:1 call you will experience my unique blend of magic, coaching, and clarivoyance that will bring you closer to understanding what is holding you back and give you answers for how to move forward.



I became a life coach because I fundamentally believe in the power of rebellious women. 


Throughout our history movements have begun with one extraordinary act of living rebellious action. 


Each moment of uncommon and elegant defiance, unknowingly whispered sparks of a revolution. 


Those first flames are the precursor to change. Women told their stories and challenged others to join them. Those warriors changed the course of history.

There is no time to waste when you are a rebel. The need to cause trouble, to connect with others, to shift the course of our lives is what drives us to shift and take action. But we can’t do it alone. 


My unique coaching style is founded on trusted feminist principles that aim to dismantle oppression. I work with each client to tap into their core passions to help them speak their truth as they change themselves and their communities.


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