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Are you looking for a customized, clarifying healing experience??

Explore a Mini Retreat with me...

Are you exploring your spirituality and healing old wounds?


Do you wish to go on a retreat and don’t have a lot of time to “get away”?


Join me for a 4 hour mini retreat online or in Corvallis, Oregon.


During our time together we will examine such topics as:


  • Exploring self limiting beliefs that keep you from transformation

  • Creating rituals for overcoming old cycles

  • Tapping into your magical, collective, intuitive nature

  • Developing skills for relational, spiritual living

  • Focusing on taking inspired, intuitive, intentional action that brings clarity and confidence in your life and work


Connect to the spirit that dwells within and change your life by spending some time with me!




Melissa helps create the most beautiful containers for women through each of her offerings, but especially her mini retreats.  Even in the virtual space.  She brings her multi-faceted toolbox into the sessions and encourages you to dive deep into your soul to allow wondrous healing through momentous breakthroughs and inspiring insights.  Every hour I spend with her brings me some new teachings and the longer mini retreats allow for a compounding effect and leaves me feeling refreshed and inspired every time. 12/10 would recommend! 

Amber H.

“Wow! I am completely blown away. My mini retreat with Dr. Bird so exceeded my expectations. It was like a 4-hour spiritual boot camp. We dealt with some of my deepest limiting beliefs, and together we created a road map for me to move toward the goals I’d set. The very next week, I made a major decision, based on the work we’d done, and set my life on a new trajectory. I’m now moving toward the life I’ve been dreaming of for several years. I don’t think these changes would have happened so quickly without my mini retreat. I can’t say enough about Dr. Bird. She brings big magic and deep reverence to her work and delivers results.”

Shannon B.

Every heartache, every struggle, every loss, every fear has led us to this moment of opportunity to make lasting, focused, change.


Suffering is a collective experience - you don’t have to do it alone.

Individualism perpetuates perfection - you deserve to feel unbridled joy.

There is no right answer - you don’t have to know all the things.


When I work with my clients, they learn how to break down the fortress that is keeping them from finally accepting themselves for who they are.

Being vulnerable and open to everything is difficult and messy.

When we are trained to perfection, it can be downright terrifying.


When you work with me you reclaim your innate agency and find connection with yourself.

Dr. Melissa Bird-122 (2).jpg

‘Perfectionism is the enemy of the good and perfection is a myth.’
-Dr. Melissa Bird

A mini retreat with me is a powerful spiritual and emotional experience where you learn how to:


  • Own the work that calls to your heart

  • Embrace your intuitive gifts and sacred genius

  • Create actionable ways for you to change your life and the lives of others

  • Connect to your natural state of being as a part of the web of life

  • Heal your inner perfectionist to learn how to speak your raw truth 


In our natural states, we are powerful beyond measure. 


Embrace your calling.


Open up to healing.


Join me on the path to your new life.


“She straps a parachute on you, teaches you how to pull the string, looks you straight in the eyes, and away you go! Melissa Bird is a brilliant woman who articulates masterfully with her heart, mind, and soul. She selflessly guides you to the answers that are already within. Then, without fan fare, her powerful affirmation evaporates any tentativeness and you are left with rock solid confidence. No one walks away from Melissa – you float.”

- Michelle D.

If you're ready to take the next steps and
join me for your Mini Retreat click the link below to book now ⬇️


Cost: $500 or 2 x $250

Where: Zoom or in person in Corvallis, Oregon

What: 4 hour retreat with a follow up 30 minute check in on Zoom 3-4 weeks later

*Please note if you choose to pay in instalments your mini retreat will take place
once both payments have been made.

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