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Dr. Melissa Bird

"I am not afraid…I was born to do this."

Joan of Arc

Hey I'm Missy, 


Feminist, Author, Healer, and Coach.

My purpose in this world is to teach women how to step into their truth and quit playing small 🙌


When women come together in community they create graceful revolution in their lives conjuring inspiration from deep within themselves by engaging in heart centered truths. 

Day to day I live in at home in the USA with my awesome family and crazy Frenchie Potato who you might see pop up on my social media once or twice 😉

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My journey has been a wild ride let me tell you, but it's through these twists and turns that I learned what was truly important, and what mattered to me the most...

Integrity, honesty, and standing the F*UCK up for our beliefs.

We can be all that we desire...

A Feminist and a Sensual Woman

A Christian and a Witch

A Healer and a Parent

Magical and Mainstream

Making those choices and owning who YOU are is your divine gift to the world, and my love, is also...

The Art of the Graceful Revolution in action.

jackie van campen.jpg

Jackie VanCampen

When I got on the call with Dr. Melissa Bird, I was feeling paralyzed by fear of taking any action towards actualizing my dreams and vision. It’s as if I were in an awake state, but unable to move. I was also in my head a lot and creating confusion so I could stay in my safe zone. In less than one hour session, Dr. Bird helped me identify what has been stopping from using my voice and doing the work I’m meant to be doing. Her no nonsense and straightforward approach, compassionate listening, and ability to pull clarity right out showed me what I needed to break through and release my fear. Afterward, I felt a deep lightness in my heart and a drive to start taking action, one small step at a time. I’m excited to apply her coaching and guidance and start having tangible results in my business and life.

deb hardy.jpg

Deb Hardy

An in-the-moment, from-the-heart recommendation after a Big Conversation: If you need a mindset coach who cuts right to the chase and challenges you to show up as the VERY BEST version of yourself, do yourself a favor and hire Dr. Melissa Bird today. She does NOT f*** around, and it will feel uncomfortable, and then you will get results. It’s like magic. She’s also a kick-ass keynote speaker! What Melissa is able to do in a short conversation is nothing short of magical and miraculous.

kelly starkey.jpg

Kelly Starkey

The way my life has opened up since first meeting Dr. Melissa Bird at a Fanning the Flames workshop is nothing short of miraculous. She pushes me to do the hard work, turn towards things that scare me and makes me laugh out loud at myself and the world! She is an incredible coach, inspiration, accountability partner, and dear friend. I am so excited to continue this journey with her.

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