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What is your power?

Last week I was talking to a friend of mine who is an intuitive medium. She and I were talking about my coaching work. I was having a teensy crisis of faith in myself, doubting whether or not what I am doing in the world is valuable. Yes, dear reader, even Dr. Bird doubts herself on occasion.

Sarah said to me that one of my greatest gifts is helping people who have been harmed by the church, Christianity in particular, feel safe. I started weeping.

Sarah went on to say that I give women permission to be themselves. That I help my clients create rituals to guide their healing. I started bawling.

Then Sarah really let it fly. She reminded me that I am a Christian Witch for God’s sake, people need that now more than ever. Church-going women who know they are different are looking for safety and confirmation now more than ever before.

Women like me. Women who believe in God and Jesus as much as I do and are terrified of their intuition and magic.

Women like my clients. Women who are magic AF and don’t know how to express their power and redefine their lives.

Women like you. Women who have an offering to make to the world and are ready to transform their lives and their communities.

So hey, I see you there in all your glorious beauty. I would LOVE the opportunity to work with you. Send me an email and let’s chat about what magic we could work together.

Sending you love from the trees.


Dr. Melissa Bird

P.S. If you want to support women doing awesome things while networking with awesome women doing amazing things get your ticket for the 2022 Passionistas Summit! I am speaking, it is going to be EPIC!


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Gwen Bodeutsch
Gwen Bodeutsch
Nov 12, 2022

I heard you on Holy Ghosting podcast recently and you really got my attention. Just tonight I listened to your recent podcast and was tearing up! I left Christianity two years ago and am just now dipping my toe into connecting with a universalist church. Hearing you talk about being a witch and also going to a christian church has so intrigued me. I am an empath and have been afraid of my intuition for so many years and since having many bad experiences in the church all my life I have just wanted to ignore it. But I know I cannot. thank you for sharing who you are with us! I agree with your friend that you have a…

Nov 25, 2022
Replying to

Thank you so much for your comment. I am so grateful to hear it! Use that intuition friend! Also, I just started new podcast The Thinnest Veil. I think you will really like it. Join my newsletter and get notifications when it comes out each week! Have a great weekend!

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