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Thanks for the heads up

One of my favorite parts of understanding how my intuition works is being able to identify when messages are coming from spirit and when messages are coming from my brain.

Intuition is the action piece of spirit.

When you listen to your intuition there is a feeling of knowing that you can’t shake. There is no question. You just simply know.

I was texting with a friend the other night and I just knew that while she was hoping to see a special someone the next day, it wasn’t going to happen. She and I have the type of relationship where I can tell her these things.

As we were talking the next day, she said, “Thanks for the heads up,” you were dead right. At that moment, I was so glad that I listened to my intuition and that I conveyed the information to her.

And here is the point of me sharing this lovely story with you. Use care and stop questioning your intuition.

When it speaks, lean in to it.

When it whispers, hear the message it is conveying.

When you doubt, you are 100% in your head.

Here are 3 simple tools you can use to get more in touch with your intuition:

  1. Sit in silence for 60 seconds a day. Just ask your phone to set a 1 minute timer and breathe.

  2. Ask, “What would you have me know?” right before you go to bed. When you wake up the first answer on your mind is what you need to do next. (Hint: This is often a mundane thing like have a cup of tea or hug your animal)

  3. Express the things you are grateful for every day. Look around the room and identify 10 things you are thankful for each day and your intuition will start to light up like stars in the sky.

Sending you love from the trees.

Dr. Melissa Bird


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