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Divination Sessions are perfect for you if you are ready to...⁠


Gain the momentum and insight to make drastic changes to your life

Weed out toxic relationships that are no longer healthy

Set boundaries around your time, energy and creativity

Stop sacrificing yourself for others

Shine light on the darkness you hadn’t previously noticed was weighing you down.

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Spending an hour with me is like making a new friend who has known you for years.  

I get right to the core of some of your oldest patterns and am both encouraging and challenging about how you see your life. 

Throughout our reading, I'll invite you to look at things from a slightly different perspective, which opens up numerous possibilities. 💫

Using my intuitive talents, I create safety while calling you out on your BS. During your
Divination Session I help you recognize your
limiting beliefs that are preventing you from moving forward in courage. 

Dont just take my word for it....

 “Coaching with Melissa is a perfect dance between a big warm hug and a solid push towards the discomfort one needs to lean into to create their best life.”

- Chanci (former client)



Results from my readings vary, yet one thing is constant for sure, every person who spends time with me is never the same again...

If you are looking for more energy…
If you are ready to be kinder to yourself…
If you are trying to take better care of yourself…
If you are seeking more confidence…
If you are wanting to show up for yourself more mindfully…

A Divination Session is for you!

“I am so grateful for Dr. Melissa Bird. She is someone who is going to be direct and honest with you, especially with the tough stuff because that is how healing begins. She is someone who genuinely cares about your wellbeing and wants to see you be happy and follow your dreams.”  - Tracie

“Melissa is a gifted tarot reader. She delivers a strong love in her readings along with her amazing intuitive abilities and empathy.” - Nura 



When you spend an hour with me, I get right to the heart of the matter and give you clear and concise advice. It is a powerful divine coaching session. 


You will come away from the reading with a sense of clarity you so desperately need and what feels like a blessing for your life overall. 


Months later after our reading Nura followed up and told me, “I am still stunned to see the truths of that reading bubbling up in my life and using the advice she so generously gave me. A reading with her is a transformative gift to your highest self.”

If you are ready to be more aligned with your soul purpose and get more done, while feeling good, let’s get you booked! 💫

How does it work?...

Simply click the link below to book your Divination Session fill out the form and make your payment.

You will then be sent an email with your zoom link inside ready for our session.

It's that simple, (some might even say magic) ✨


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Dr. Melissa Bird is a descendant of the Shivwits Band of Paiutes. She is a nationally recognized lay preacher, author, life coach and social worker. Dr. Bird has made hundreds of keynote speeches and workshops before audiences at universities, conferences, and religious institutions worldwide. Her combination of education, real life experience and practical advice makes her a powerful force of change in the lives of the people she connects with. 


When she’s not working, she can be found reading trashy novels while drinking Earl Gray tea with heavy cream. She lives in Corvallis, Oregon with her husband, three children, two dogs and one three legged cat.


You can also connect with Dr. Bird on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok

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