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Monday Mayhem – 5 things you can do to find your voice

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In my workshops and speeches I talk a lot about finding and elevating your voice. Here are 5 things you can do anytime to find your voice and say exactly what is on your mind.

  1. Buy a bunch of flowers – I know it seems silly but reflecting on beauty can help you take a deep breath and connect you to yourself. So go ahead, buy that cheap-o bunch of carnations at the grocery store and put em in a cute jar or vase.

  2. Phone a friend – When was the last time you called someone just to say hello? I do it every day. I have a list of friends I call almost every day. Mostly we talk about nothing and everything. Using your voice to share a conversation gives you clarity of thought.

  3. Write a message or an email to someone you admire – Telling someone that you consider famous that you admire them rips off the bandaid of fear that keeps you invisible. It can be intimidating to talk to someone you look up to so…DO IT!

  4. Find a practice – I don’t care what your practice is. Yoga, meditation, taking a deep breath, reading every night, writing, hiking, drinking water, primal screaming. Make it a practice not a should. Finding joy in something leads you to your voice because the more you practice the more you build confidence.

  5. Listen to your music – Turn on the music that makes you feel 16 again. I don’t care if it is country, R&B, jazz, metal, classical. It doesn’t matter as long as it makes your heart swell and makes you HUM or SING. Using your voice box helps you connect to your thoughts and helps you expand your voice.

Speaking out in your home and your community isn’t complicated, it just takes a little intention and willingness to act!!

Have you gotten my free handbook “5 Can’t Miss Steps to Finding Your Voice”? Download it today!

It’s Monday, cause some mayhem, raise some hell! xoxo, Dr. Melissa Bird


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