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Eff Sh*t Up Friday – Three Ways to Jumpstart Your Inner Social Justice Badass

Social justice and political action feel like really, really big things. Like so big, I am forced to eat a pint of ice cream and binge watch Downton Abbey, again.

  1. Write about it. Write a note to a friend, write on some paper, post about what makes you feel overwhelmed on Facebook (how brave), write a text to your lover.

  2. Get present. If you breathe into the feeling of overwhelm it loses its power. If you take a moment to stop trying to run away from it, feel your feet planted firmly on the ground, and take a big ass deep breath then you can move past all.the.things.

  3. Take action. One of the best ways to kick overwhelm to the curb is to take action. Just do something, anything, because action leads to clarification. The more you take action the more confident you become.

Being an activist is a process that can sometimes lead you right back into that lovely tub of chocolate chip ice cream. If you are paralyzed with overwhelm don’t despair, I teach you all you need to know in my Fanning the Flames program. Get all of the details and sign up here

It’s Friday, fuck shit up y’all. Love, Dr. Melissa Bird

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