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Eff Sh*t Up Friday – Sometimes all you need is a billion dollars

I just arrived in San Francisco and I am staying with my best gay (yes, he is my best gay). He always gives me a lovely little something upon my arrival. This time is was a lovely little tray that says, “sometimes all you need is a billion dollars”.


Then he asked me, “What would you do with a billion dollars?”

I had my response at the ready. My husband and I talk about this all the time when we see the lottery billboard all lit up making promises it will never keep.

If I had a billion dollars I would:

-Start an organization in every single community in America where the top 10 performing high school students and the lowest 10 performing high school students are given 6 months to use the military decision making model to change a problem in their community

-I would buy the fastest Camaro on the market and then I would buy a road with no speed limit to drive it on every day!

-Buy an Airstream trailer

-Buy a 200 acre farm that would have a retreat space for life coaches and revolutionaries to come and create Graceful Revolution in my custom built tiny village, provide land for the homeless to live on with showers and laundry facilities in exchange for paid work, give Jim an aquaculture farm, give Kim a winery, and give me the space to hike in my own woods and write my face off

-Invest some so I make $10 million a year

-Buy a house in Scotland

What would you do with a billion dollars?

What kind of change would you make in your life and the lives of others? Who would you impact? Where would you go?

What if there were no barriers?

What would you do for yourself? What dream would you pursue? What would you stop putting off?

Maybe we don’t need a billion dollars. Maybe we just need to take action on that one thing that has been niggling at us day after day. Maybe we just need to spread our wings and take the risk to fly.

Have you signed up for your very own personal revolution yet? Join the Bird Girl Army and fan your flames for change. You can do it by clicking right here!

It’s Friday, fuck shit up y’all. Love, Dr. Melissa Bird

I doubted if I was ready for Fanning the Flames but I decided to do the workshop anyway. I realized I do have issues I care about. In fact, I have some flames to fan. I would highly recommend Fanning the Flames to women because I think it’s important for women to have a supportive environment so they can identify that they are ready to make a change. Women don’t even have to be “ready” to get something out of it. It is great! – Kris McDuffie


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