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Eff Sh*t Up Friday – One Liner Nuggets of Joy

Lately I have been coming up with some really delicious one liners that I have written in my journal or said on podcast interviews. Today I wanted to share my one liner genius with the rest of the world. I hope these quotes inspire you like they inspire me!


“We have to start trusting each other even in our differences as women.” Am I right?

“Anytime a woman is willing to listen to that deep voice inside that says, ‘You were meant to do this thing,” that gives her power.” Bon Faire Podcast

“It’s not always the perfect execution of my vision but that doesn’t mean I stop. And I think that’s the one thing that has led so much to my successes as of late because I never ever gave up.” 2-minute Talk Tips Podcast

“If you remember why we are in the room, we are unstoppable.” Why Leap Podcast

“I live what I teach. I don’t just tell women what I think they could do, I use creative platforms to show them how to make it happen.” For real!

“What we feed on sustains us. If you remain hungry for judgment then that is the energy that will feed you. If you remain hungry for joy then joy is your sustenance.”

“If you feel that tug, that pull, that calling that comes from deep in your belly. Listen. It is the voice that you have been told to ignore and it is the voice that you cannot deny.” Your gut will never lead you down the wrong road.

It is Friday, create your own one liner! Dr. Melissa Bird

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