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Eff Sh*t Up Friday – Happiness is the best revenge

The original title of this blog was “Happiness in the time of the Handmaid’s Tale”. I don’t know about you, but waking up to the latest news coming out of Washington D.C. makes me just want to curl up and stay in bed. Clearly this isn’t an option, I am a social justice badass for a living! When I am feeling intensely emotional about all the things that are happening in our Nation…I tap into my happy.


Here is a list of the 20 things that are making me happy RIGHT NOW!

  1. Petting my dog Dakota every morning and every night.

  2. Listening to my 7 year old read chapter books to me every day.

  3. Chopping fresh vegetables.

  4. Reading the books on my bedside table (my Patreon supporters get a special list of what I am reading, join us).

  5. Talking to my teenager about falling in love.

  6. Listening to my 10 year old play the piano.

  7. My husband tickling the back of my neck while I am cooking dinner.

  8. Turning on my favorite music and dancing when no one is home.

  9. Saying YES to pleasure.

  10. Walking in the woods.

  11. Feeling the sun on my face.

  12. Driving really fast in my Camaro.

  13. Going to the Episcopal Church every week.

  14. Tossing away the goals that no longer serve me.

  15. Sending thank you notes to my friends.

  16. Creating new programs that will change the world.

  17. Dreaming of Paris with my “best Gay” and my husband in 2019.

  18. Coffee.

  19. Water.

  20. Unicorns.

Being happy is the best revenge. Make a list of the 20 things that make you feel warm and fuzzy. The patriarchy needs us to stay angry and doubtful. It needs us to be mean to each other. Fuck that. Taking our happy out into the world is revolutionary. Feel the joy – bliss – kindness – happy in the little things!

Be the fire. Be the love. Dr. Melissa Bird

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