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The Cone of Shame

My good girl went on a rampage last night.

She was feeling totally out of control and she threw a hissy fit more impressive than a 3 year old hyped up on sugar and soda pop.

This morning my wise woman gently whispered in my ear, “Cry if you must but look outside yourself to seek inspiration and support so you can move on.”  My badass buddy Leanne said, “Stop crying. You are a badass.  Badasses learn and move forward, not wallow in guilt or pity for not being perfect.”

These are the messages I had received by 8:00 AM today:

Stand for Love. –Danielle LaPorte Nobody, Missy, is who they are based upon one decision, one day, one path, one chance, one relationship, or one anything else. Every day is brand new and opportunity never stops knocking. Missy, not even 10,000 lifetimes could contain who you are. –The Universe

The more I practice loving myself the more lovable I become. –Gabby Bernstein

I am worth investing in. My time is valuable. It’s okay for me to charge a premium for the value I add to the world. Mastin Kipp

Truth telling. (The daringly happy and ebullient kind.)  The purely positive truth that makes you shy to share? They’re so bright and electrically charged that you fear they might blind their receiver, or you’ll just look all gushy and soft and love foolish.  Dare to tell the true story of your gratitude. Be a light worker. Break out your love shine. –Danielle LaPorte

Today, I choose to no longer spend my precious energy on negative thoughts because the naturalness of the happy feels so squee and my ability to receive it is so clearly right here.

I will sit in the present.

The universe is like a crock pot-SET IT AND FORGET IT!

I will stop apologizing for who I am at my core because I am teaching others how to be unapologetic for who they are at their core.

I HEREBY DECLARE that I am burning my cone of shame (I know burning plastic is toxic) and putting on my crown of awesomeness…BECAUSE I AM BADASS THAT’S WHY!!!

The Crown of Awesomeness

The Crown of Awesomeness


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