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Monday Mayhem – You are the grandest tree in the forest

I am a Natural Born Rebel. I am attracted to other rebels. The outside the box thinkers. The people who love to solve problems without subscribing to convention.


The Natural Born Rebel is like the tallest most majestic tree in the forest. We are grounded and rooted in our vision. Our water is the change we make in the world. We are fed by our actions at home and at work, with our friends and in our family.

Sometimes we forget to stay rooted in the core truth of who we are.

Sometimes we listen to the critics who tell us we are too much, who say we need to humble ourselves, who tell us to shrink back because our vision is too big.

To the Natural Born Rebel I say, that is absolute bullshit. BE BIGGER! Take up space. Expand not only your thinking but your reach. Think outside your own box. When you have an idea run with it. Talk about it. Tell everyone you KNOW about it.


Do not apologize for your thinking. I repeat. DO NOT apologize for your thinking.

We don’t tell the most majestic tree to shrink, to make its leaves less glorious in the sun, to apologize for its grandeur. No. We wonder in the glory of its willingness to stretch its limbs and roots as far as it must to grow stronger and taller and more expansive.

This week stretch your arms to the sky. Plant your feet firmly on the ground. Expand. Stretch. Unapologetically.

If you are ready to grow and stretch. Join me for Rebel School. Space is limited. Apply today.

It’s Monday, cause some mayhem, raise some hell. xoxo, Dr. Melissa Bird


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