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Monday Mayhem – What we feed on

What we feed on sustains us. Do you feed on anger, sadness, shame, judgment or fear? OR Do you feed on joy, love, bliss, abundance or hope?

If you remain hungry for judgment then that energy is what will feed you.


If there is forgiveness to be given let us give it. If there is grace to be given let us give it. If there is openness to be had let us be ready for it. If there is a lesson to be learned let us learn it. If there is a sign to be received let us see it.

I am constantly seeking the signs that I am on the right track. Today the girl at the coffee shop recognized me from a speech I gave last year. She said she had been raised pretty conservative so she almost didn’t come to my speech because she wasn’t sure about it.

She told me that my words deeply impacted her. She told me that what I had said had made her think differently. As I pulled away I said thank you to the sky.

We may not get an immediate sign that we are on the right path but by remaining open to the message…by remaining open to all possibility…by listening to the words that people say to us we will know our purpose and direction in the world.

If there is fear let us surmount it. If there is anger let us move through it. If there is resistance let us stop struggling against it. If there is panic let us breathe deeply.

If there is a sign…let us see it.

Create some mayhem, raise some hell. Dr. Melissa Bird

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