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Monday Mayhem – Sharing your gifts with others

As we were driving to church yesterday morning, I saw Rebecca Campbell‘s post about connecting with Mother Earth on Instagram.

Screen Shot 2018-10-15 at 7.42.37 AM

I thought about how interesting it is to be connected to a woman half way across the world. She and I putting a message of connection out into the Universe all because I read her book and followed her online.

What if Rebecca hadn’t followed her dream of using her voice to change the world? It would be a serious bummer for those of us who have been inspired to dig deeper into our own souls to find our voice.

I was looking at the flower arrangement on the altar at church this morning and I was thinking DANG those are some beautiful flowers.


All in white. So pretty.

What if the person who made that arrangement hadn’t made it? It would be a serious bummer for those of us who are enjoying them.

How connected we are really! I think of the impact that I potentially have on people, that WE potentially have on people by sharing our gifts.

Who I unknowingly connect with by creating my own version of connection, of the flowers on the altar, with the arrangement of my words.

Everything I say makes an impact somewhere, even when I don’t know it.

The arrangement of my words is the message of my soul. The compilation of my thoughts is the music of my heart.

This morning as I woke up to write this blog I received a text message from someone I met earlier this year. She said thank you for doing the work you are doing, we are paying attention, even if you don’t know it.

What are your gifts? How are you getting them out in the world? What are you wanting to say that you haven’t said yet? Today, I invite you to expand your words, say what you are wanting to say. That is a critical piece to the Graceful Revolution.

If you want to say something and speak out but have no idea how, check out this kick ass FREE handbook right here!

It’s Monday, cause some mayhem, raise some hell! Dr. Melissa Bird


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