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Monday Mayhem – Making Meaning out of Sexual Assault in the age of Trump

I have been trying to make meaning out of what is happening in our Nation.

Why the public reaping of women? Why the evisceration of our very existence? Why does no one believe what we say?

I wrote my #WhyIDidntReport on Facebook this week and women by the dozens shared their stories on my thread.

Another genius post by “God” said it all:

When women come out publicly about sexual assault, rape, and abuse we are revictimized all over again. We are shamed. We are vilified.

We are burned in the town square.

witch hunts.jpg

Only this time millions and millions of onlookers are standing by to celebrate our demise.

Women carry the secrets of our entire world. We carry the burdens of our sisters, our daughters, our aunties, mothers and friends. We hold the secrets of sadness and fear – terror and grief. We hold the stories we don’t want anyone else to hear.

And we hold them because of this, if you knew the horror of what we have experienced you would not go after the villain – you can’t – because as many of you know – the villain is someone close to you, hell maybe the villain in this scenario IS you.


So here is the making of the meaning for me:

I believe that all of these things are bubbling to the surface because the matriarchy is rising. I believe the secrets we have been holding onto are coming out by the millions because it is time. It is time for us to rise as a collective sisterhood that supports each other in the public proclamation that it started out as my grandfather, and then it was a rugby player, a boyfriend, a stranger, a friend.

It’s Monday, share your stories, be brave as hell. xoxox Dr. Melissa Bird

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