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Monday Mayhem – Look up at the sky

When I was a little girl I would lay on the grass and gaze up at the sky and wonder if anyone could see me down here.

I would watch the clouds move and wonder where they were racing off to so fast.

Those moments were an escape from the chaos of my life. My mothers depression, my fathers suicide, my stepfathers alcoholism, my sisters fears.

In those moments all the yelling and hitting would vanish and it would just be me and the sky and the clouds community together in silent worship.

girl in grass.jpg

Today, when I sit in my office working I have a magnificent view of the sky.

Every day I look out at its grand vista and know that there are many people up there guiding my way. My daddy, grandma and grandpa Valentine, Mother Mary & Mary Magdaline, God, the witches who came before me.

With each moving cloud they are directing my hand and sending me loving messages of where to go next.

We are all divinely guided in one way or another. Being led by an invisible thread towards a personal greatness that we may not understand. 

Take a moment to gaze up at the sky and ask for the whispers of guidance. Watch as the clouds guide your way. Listen to the messages you receive and act on them.

Your time is now, now, now.

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It’s Monday, raise some hell. xoxo, Dr. Melissa Bird


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