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Monday Mayhem – I AM a material girl

I got my palm read when I was in New Orleans this past weekend. He said, you know I don’t get to say this often but you are a really luxurious person…I mean you LOVE luxury.

He was of course totally right. I am deeply interested in living a luxurious life. It started when I was a little girl and my first hero Madonna released the song “Material Girl”. She was SERIOUSLY talking to me.

I am all libra all the time. I love fancy. I love luxury. I love the idea of making a bazillion dollars so that I can live a big bold bougie life.

How I define that has changed over the years. I don’t want the yachts (I get seasick) or a driver (yo have you seen my Camaro?) or ten billion nannies (just one…miss you Ashley).

But I do want someone to do my laundry every week and then put it away.

And I do want a full time admin assistant to help me be ridiculously badass on the regular.

And sometimes I want to spend hundreds of dollars on really yummy food.

I really want a pretty diamond tennis bracelet like the one my mommy used to wear.

And let’s just say that Cartier makes my dream watch!

I deeply believe that my career is taking me on this kick ass swanky passionate path and I am here for it.

Thanks Madonna…love you!

Create some mayhem, raise some hell. Dr. Melissa Bird

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