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Marginalized No More Activism Program is Launching in September

Like many of you who use social media, my friend Briana and I connected on Facebook during the 2016 election season when a mutual friend formed a “secret” Facebook group as a safe space for us to talk about our experiences.

Although we have never met in person, Briana and I formed a deep bond based on our mutual love of advocacy, politics, and women’s empowerment.


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Marginalized No More is not just another training program. This is our way of giving tools to women like you so that we are all armed with vital information that will revolutionize our communities.

If you feel like politics is overwhelming. If you think that nothing you do matters because so much needs to change. If you know you want to do something but don’t know the first place to start, then Marginalized No More is for you.

Here’s why you will love this program:

  1. It filters the noise by helping you focus on your own passion so that you are excited, not stressed about politics.

  2. You get all the materials at one time so you can participate whenever you want; however you want. Whether you are drinking coffee in your comfy pants or wine in your Chanel, the workbooks and videos can be watched anywhere you want…on your timeline.

  3. It is super fun and exciting. When was the last time two insanely passionate and intelligent Doctors got down and dirty with you about politics in a way that left you feeling empowered, focused, and inspired? Never? Ya, us neither! That is why we created something that would leave you feeling joyful and ready to take action.

  4. It breaks down barriers to activism so that you can make your OWN impact in your OWN communities.

  5. It teaches you how to find and use your voice to be heard.

When you purchase Marginalized No More you will receive workbooks and videos that will leave you feeling inspired to make a difference, focused on your passion to change your community, and empowered to take action.

If you subscribe to the Bird Girl Industries newsletter before August 31, you will receive 10% off this revolutionary program.

Marginalized No More will inspire you to make a demonstrable difference in your world. We can’t wait for you to sign up today!


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