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Eff Sh*t Up Friday – Stop being afraid of what you don’t know

The other day I was talking to a friend and I said to her, “Stop being afraid of what you don’t know — that’s the adventure!” I immediately said to her text that shit to me, that is GENIUS!

I used to talk to my grandma about what it was like to wait for a letter from my grandpa during the war. She would talk about how the waiting was equal parts torture and excitement. She said the knowing and the waiting was excruciating and also practical. She didn’t know if she would get a letter from him or a notification of his death.

my own darling

This is my grandma and grandpa

It was the 1940s. It was just what you did.

Now a days I think we want ALL the answers. Google has taken the practice of waiting away. You know how it goes, you don’t know the answer to a question…you just Google it.

There is no mystery and wonder. We are no longer given the space to question. We are no longer taking the time to wait. We don’t give ourselves the opportunity to contemplate.

How can you give yourself the space to wonder? As you look forward to the weekend, what kinds of moments can you commit to gifting yourself so that you can stop trying to control the outcome? How can you be more like a person in the 1940s? What is one thing you can commit to today to CREATE FLOW and LET GO?


For just a moment tell your fear to shove it, let the unknown in and see what adventure awaits.

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It’s Friday, engage in acts of Graceful Revolution! xoxoxo Dr. Melissa Bird


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