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You’re too smart to be a liberal…


Things many of us who do not support the current administration hear in 2018…

You’re too smart to be a liberal. #ThankYou

Someone told me I am going to Hell because I’m pro-choice. I laughed at him and reminded him that he doesn’t get to decide. #GodsJob

A man told me he could tell I was young by the words I used. I told him I was in my fifties and he told me I wasn’t! #Mansplaining

After I said, look at Bernie’s record, a guy says “what, he votes just like Rand Paul” #lol

Someone said “we are going to have a race war bc you support BLM”…that one scared me. #BlackLivesMatter

A woman told me that when they started putting people in camps, the homosexuals and others, they would treat us well! She was serious. We told her you know that’s cruel and wrong? Don’t you? She wouldn’t answer us. And before that she’d said I seemed reasonable and I liked dogs so I must be okay. #ConcentrationCampsForGays

Here is the fun fact in 2018…the fact that people who are “stirring the pot” need to be shut up is highly problematic. This country was founded by protestors. Our very foundation is built on freedom of speech.

America has become the land of the “straw man” argument instead of the land of the free.

Bad ideas are super contagious…like herpes.

Eyes wide open my friends…the goal is to keep us polarized…separated…divided. If we are those things then we lose all our power.

Breathe. Resist. Persist.

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Create some mayhem, raise some hell. Dr. Melissa Bird


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