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When I get bit in the butt by my own imperfect activist

It is Friday, I just did my FB live. It was awesome. I said some stuff. Threw out a few big things. Finished it up and was like wow…you sorta lost it there towards the end.


Bird Girl…STOP. You say what you are gonna say…sometimes you flow and it isn’t perfect. You are THE imperfect activist. You are living proof of your truth.

Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 12.34.03 PM

Here is my truth:

  1. I love love love talking to people. I especially love inspiring people.

  2. I am a human having opinions about politics and policy. Things like abstinence only education, Justice Kennedy retiring maybe (please god and goddess no), and the President making out with No. Korea behind the bleachers. Sometimes I get on a ramble and say stuff that wasn’t part of the plan.

  3. I have dogs that squeak their toys while I am live on FB. That is real life right there.

  4. My settings on my FB make it so I can’t see when people are on there and it irritates me all to hell.

  5. I am gonna keep going because of Number 1.

If you read my blog you should follow me over on FB. I say super fun stuff every Monday and Friday at NOON PST. And I swear. A LOT.

It’s Friday, fuck shit up and keep it imperfect, Dr. Melissa Bird

When you work with me you get a whole lotta fun and sass. But don’t take my word for it. Workshop attendee Becky Drinnen says, “Missy is overflowing with passion, knowledge, and experience and she will invite you to find a corner of the world you’re passionate about changing. Then she’ll give you the tools to make it happen.”


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