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Monday Mayhem – What would happen if…

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What would happen if we just stopped questioning ourselves? What would we be able to accomplish? Who would we inspire?

Who would we be inspired by? Would we tell the people who inspire us thank you? Would we tell them about our own work?

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Would we be willing to be gloriously messy to everyone? Would we be willing to be vulnerable in our messiness? Would we be willing to be fully seen?

What would happen if we laid it on full throttle? Like riding the Harley too long in 2nd gear because it feels SO good full throttle.

What would happen if we raised boys not to rape and girls to speak loud? If we meditated more, and hugged more, and thanked more.

What would happen if we admitted we are sad about the shit happening in the world? If we took little, tiny steps each day to shift the tide in our own backyard.

What would happen if we stopped working so hard to PROVE our awesome and started LIVING our awesome?

I think we would come together as the collective. I think we would shed what doesn’t serve our higher mission. I think we would give ourselves lots of oxygen and breathe in really damn deep.

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Have you seen my new BOMB ASS online social justice training? It is CHOCK FULL of Graceful Revolution. You really should check this AWESOME out. It is full on Dr. Bird badassery exploding in unicorn-glittery MAGIC!


It’s Monday, cause some mayhem…raise some hell. xoxoxo Dr. Melissa Bird


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