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Monday Mayhem – Love One Another

I grew up hearing “love one another.” It was a phrase woven into the fabric of the culture I grew up in in Utah. Often said, rarely practiced.


Today was the first time that I actually heart it in scripture, read out loud directly from the Bible in church. Us Episcopals are so good with our liturgy (wink wink, nudge nudge).

“Love one another. Just as I have loved you, you should also love one another.”

By loving others we expand love into the world. Loving others means giving grace for their own humanity. It means we don’t just express love but we love without condition.

To the homeless man muttering. To the prisoner who has no hope. To the immigrant who is searching for a better life. To the woman who just had an abortion. To your neighbor with an opposing political sign.

But most importantly…

To yourself. Practice radical, rebellious self-love. Practice loving yourself without condition.


What if we challenged each other to love those who are not like us? What if we saw the people we tend to ignore? What if we made eye contact and said hello to the stranger on the street?

For one week, try loving another who is not so similar to you. For one week, love the other.

Love bears, believes, forgives, and endures all things. It is often easier to hate This week – challenge yourself to love.

Engaging in radical love is an act of supreme rebellion. Join me for Rebel School and let’s explore rebellious love together. Sign up today.

It’s Monday, cause some mayhem, raise some hell. Xoxo, Dr. Melissa Bird


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