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Monday Mayhem – Formalize the Soapbox

This morning I was guest lecturing in a class at 6 AM my time (yes I am sleep deprived, this may ramble).

One of the students asked me how to formalize their soapbox. And I thought, “THAT IS A GENIUS QUESTION!”

There are 4 ways to really solidify what you want to say so that when you are on your soapbox you can gain a little traction.

  1. Collect your people: Build your village and bring the people around you that support you the most. Then rant, go ahead, tear it UP!

  2. Pluck the thread: Look at all those thought bubbles that your rant produced. What is the most common thread? What is the common theme that has you feeling the most passionate?

  3. Breathe: Come on now, do it with me. ONE BIG SOLID BREATH in through your nose and out through your mouth. We don’t BREATHE before we speak and that keeps us in a space where we are uncentered and unable to see other points of view. That keeps us blind to possibility.

  4. Go do the thing: Remember the thread? That is the glue that puts your words together. Get on the soapbox and talk about the thread. The passion. The thing that lights you up and totally does it for you. GO DO THAT THING! Call your elected official, write the blog, collect the clothes for the homeless. DO THE THING!

Remember these words of wisdom –


Getting on a soapbox is about making change in your communities. That means you have to speak in a voice that everyone can hear! I know all about it because I have one!


If you have an idea and you want to talk all about it let’s jump on the phone, it doesn’t cost you a thing and I promise it will be super fun. Schedule time with me here!

Cause some mayhem, raise some hell, Dr. Melissa Bird


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