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Monday Mayhem – Conscious Transformational Love

Conscious love is “love in the service of inner transformation”—or if you prefer, “inner transformation in the service of love.” – Cynthia Bourgeault

Love. Self love. Love of self. Romantic love. Love of others. Conscious love. Love of change.

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Loving with our whole entire hearts is an act of social justice. In a world that tells us to love perfectly in order to be perfectly loved, we often feel unlovable.

When we love with our whole hearts we engage in a revolutionary action. We make ourselves vulnerable, we open ourselves up to heartbreak and disappointment while at the same time opening ourselves up to feelings of blissed out joy that cause our entire worlds to explode in heavenly expansion.

Yesterday, I had a thought enter my head, “When it is going to be my turn?” What I was really thinking was, “Why am I unlovable?” WOAH! Look at that mind crack there. How quickly do thoughts driven my our ego keep us from transforming into our true selves? How often do thoughts of, “I am not good enough” keep us from living a fully awake life?

Love is power. Power is transformation. Transformation is justice.

Love is transformational justice. Love is graceful revolution The greatest social justice advocates knew it. It is why they operated from a place of love and nonviolence. It is why they prayed and sang hymns at the lunch counter. It is why this rendition of Amazing Grace by Ani DiFranco is my go to when I need to feel a balm on my soul so I can take action in the world.

This week, feel a little love in your heart and then share that love with the world. Extra gold star bonus points if you feel love for someone who doesn’t think or feel exactly like you do. This is the ultimate act of rebellion. This is the graceful revolution.

It’s Monday, cause some mayhem, raise some hell. xoxo, Dr. Melissa Bird

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