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Freedom means tumbling into the rabbit hole of your desire

It’s easier to go back into what you know than to expand into the future.

Working in repetitive motion means we don’t have to get out of our comfort zone. We stay in the unfulfilling job, marriage, education track, fill in the blank, because it takes more risk to follow our pull into the unknown.


What if they don’t like me? What if they leave me? What if they judge me?

The greatest leaders weren’t in it to keep the water clear, they were in it to muddy the waters. They weren’t in it to win a popularity contest, they were in it to change the damn world. They listened to the tug and pull of their hearts and took deliberate, intentional, inspired action.

Taking action for action sake is exhausting and yields little result.

rabbit hole.jpg

Photo by Cyril Helnwein

Truly tumbling into the rabbit hole of your desire leads to outcomes that are bright and vibrant and full of joy, happiness and peace. Sometimes even though we know we want those things, it can feel uncomfortable and intimidating.

Will I have to be happy all the time? What if people get jealous? Who will I be if I don’t have a drama story?

Rebel against that voice in your head that keeps you stuck. Look forward and not back, there is a reason the windshield is larger than the rearview mirror. Each day take inspired action towards your truth, especially if it scares you half to death.

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It’s Friday, eff sh*t up! xoxo, Dr. Melissa Bird


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