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Eff Sh*t Up Friday – The revolution is within you


This week I walked in three different labyrinths. This is what I wrote after my walks.

The revolution is within you. The calling is within you. The magnificent presence of the divine feminine is within you. You are prepared to conceive of your greatest life.

This will be a challenge but I stand here waiting, holding you in the cushion of my love, the bosom of my heart, the cradle of my light.

You are supported by the foundation of the angels. They have spread their wings and have created the path that you are following.

The trinity is working on your behalf showering you with grace so that you might follow where you are guided.

Release the path of shoulds, they do not serve you. Pay off the shackles of debts, they do not define you. Release the fear, it is the demon that paralyzes you.

Know that you are a child of God, a reflection of the divine universe, and a conduit of love and light.

You are the rising. You are the Phoenix. The path is clear.

Rise. Rise. Rise.

You are a conduit of light. You are a conduit of light. You are a conduit of light.

The time of darkness is over. You have transcended out of darkness. Your life can never be as it was because the way is always forward.

It’s Friday, you are the revolution. Disrupt the patriarchy. xoxo, Dr. Melissa Bird

P.S. If you are ready to heal your heart, transform your ideas into action, and be seen for the rebel that you are join me for Rebel School. We start in August. Apply today!


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