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Eff Sh*t Up Friday – Pro choice/Anti abortion shame

Fundamentally the pro choice/anti abortion movement cannot survive without women. It’s survival is built on the foundational premise that it is critical to shame each other and our choices as women.

Now – I know this is troubling.

When I shared this idea with my husband he said, “Whooo you are gonna piss some women off.”

When I shared this idea with a fellow feminist she said, “Ouch, are you sure you meant to say pro choice?”

This is my exact point. The longer we stay in the idea that we are above everyone while shaming other women for their decisions, the us vs. them mentality continues and the patriarchy survives.

I was just going through the interviews I did with women for my dissertation. Almost every single one had made judgments about women in their community. Those judgments were for using birth control, for not using birth control. For having an abortion or not having an abortion.

As long as we continue to judge each others choices we are out of alignment with our communities highest good.

Building community is about building up the entire community — even the people we don’t like.

Building community is about loving your neighbor even if they don’t love you back.

Building community is about recognizing when our internalized misogyny is driving our judgments of women.

It’s Friday…let’s disrupt the patriarchy and stop shaming other women. xoxo, Dr. Melissa Bird

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