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Women’s Empowerment Day

Yesterday I was honored to be a part of Women’s Empowerment Day, Orange County hosted by California Women Lead.  During the seminar about effective communication we were asked to write about our personal brand.

This exercise was so powerful I have to share what I wrote here:

I am a badass visionary leader who devotes my research and writing to empowering women and girls so that they can rise up and change the world.

I am a political she-devil and social worker who is engaged in social justice and advocacy research that will lead to every woman having the opportunity to raise strong and healthy families.

I am a loving, powerful, punk rock inspired public speaker whose professional experience as a lobbyist and fundraiser has helped numerous non-profit organizations raise millions of dollars.

I am a talented and experienced researcher who is adept at policy analysis and coalition building that leads to long lasting social change.

I am a mother, a wife, and a PhD student. I am an activist, a bringer of people, and a healer. I am engaged, passionate, fearless, and driven. I am saucy, big, loud, bold, fiery, and fierce. I am passionate, brilliant, and unapologetic.


In order to see if I live up to my brand I asked my followers on Facebook to write the first word that came to mind when they thought of me.

Their words were so powerful I have to share them here:

Badass, inspirational, biteable, courageous, spunky, itshallbedone, unabashed, wise, energy, confident, sister, inspirational, fearless, force, delicate, boobies, fierce, zany, awesome, badass, funny, passionate, awesome, powerful, energy and love, electrifying, radical, awesome, wild, Big Faye, brave, powerful, strong, powerful, funny, fierce, brilliant.

These responses were so incredible because they helped me see that I am truly living my brand.  I have embodied my core desired feelings by remaining true to myself and what I want to project to the world.



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