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What COVID taught me about control

A few weeks ago I got sick with COVID.

As I was laying in my quarantine room I heard Potato, our French Bulldog, come running down the stairs. Now Potato isn’t supposed to go down the stairs because he was paralyzed last year and he could hurt himself again and die. I WAS FURIOUS and I was completely terrified something terrible would happen if I didn’t watch him 24/7.

I literally couldn’t breathe, was in the throes of a fever, and I could barely hold my head up but I was gonna get up and raise holy hell. That was when I heard my guides ever so gently say, “Missy, lay down. If Potato becomes paralyzed while you have COVID it won’t be your fault. There is nothing you can do. Rest now.”

WOAH! That was a real kick in the pants. A solid affirmation that Dr. Melissa Bird really has absolutely no control.

And neither do you.

None of us do.

When we seek to find beauty and moments of peace every day, we start to realize how little control we have.

When we reconnect to our natural states of imperfection, we start to invite in the possibility that healing comes when we engage in self-love.

When we fully collapse into curiosity and wonder, we learn how to trust ourselves and make room for the power of our spirit.

I hope that my little lesson in control, and our total lack of it, invite you to open a little deeper into the possibility of embracing the entirety of your messy you. We might want to take care of every little thing, but at the end of the day, something much larger than us is in charge.

Sending you much love from the trees.


Dr. Melissa Bird

PS. If you are ready to learn how to trust your inner knowing, join me for a Misfit Magic Hour. One hour with me will change your life forever.


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