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The Truth

All week I have had this scenario running rampant through my brain:

I was angry and allowing one woman to have complete control over my emotions for days and days.  Swirling in the knowledge that I know the truth, I am tired of the lying, and if this battle would just end I could get on with my life.

Except I am NOT STUCK. Except my life is MOVING FORWARD. Except my gorgeous brilliant world CANNOT BE SHATTERED.

This is THE TRUTH:

The man I love loves me and the children I am helping him raise love me too. No one on earth can ever take that away. I am love, fire, my own personal socialworkerpallooza who is an agitator and a social justice maven. I have a deep yearning for social justice with a deep and heart centered knowledge that together we can to ANYTHING. I have created movements that have actually MOVED. I have the ability to have conversations about the values that we hold as a people to change others lives.

I believe in the words of Jim Hightower when he says, “those who say it can’t be done should not interrupt those who are doing it.”

I am doing it.

I am firmly rooted in the knowledge that small things build incrementally into large things.  And that like the strongest tree my branches overflow with gorgeous beauty when I am deliciously planted in my soul purpose.

Beauty in Being Rooted

Soul Purpose

My SOUL PURPOSE…it just sounds so delicious rolling off my tongue into exquisite delightful systems shifting badass change.

THE TRUTH is…when I speak MY truth to MY power I am living in my deep, authentic, fiercely badass, powerful purpose and no one…not even she…can take that away from me.


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