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Shame and a Floor Slap

“The control and oppression of women is because we can make people.” -Dr. Leah Torres


Floor Slap!


Say it!


The disempowerment of women and shaming of female sexuality is the driver of patriarchal oppression. As long as women fall into this disempowerment by shaming other women the patriarchy will continue to survive.

We do it all the time.

Women shame other women for being too fat or too skinny, for getting an abortion or not, for having sex or not, for speaking up or not, for being a Democrat or not, for being Christian or not, for being a biological mother or not.

We do it all the time.

The binary of oppression fuels the self loathing and self criticism that women engage in on a minute by minute basis.

It drives the “I am not good enough” train straight into the side of the mountain of our soul.

We are all here having a transformative experience and learning how to be in community with others. Perhaps it is time to rebel against the patriarchy by embracing our sisters, especially the ones who look and act nothing like us.

Let’s stop placing our value as women in relation to our choices.

Let’s start placing our value as women in relation to our connectedness.

Rock on,

Dr. Melissa Bird

PS. If you are ready to disrupt the patriarchy, get on my schedule, let me guide you towards the revolution!


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