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Sex and sound: the intimate connection between your voice and your body (Guest Post)

Note to my readers:

This is Christina Dunbar This is her story of vaginas, and voice, and conviction.   Christina helped me get my voice back and reclaim my feminine. Christina is starting a movement to give women back OUR bodies and OUR voices. I hope you will join me in getting her message out.

Donate. Repost. Spread the word. I gave to her Kickstarter Campaign and I think you should too.   BE INSPIRED! BE BADASS! BE LOUD!

Sex and sound: the intimate connection between your voice and your body by Christina Dunbar

Did you know that the vagina and vocal chords look the same???!

Trippy, yes.

Not the first thing you’d expect in this email, maybe.

But it’s freaking AMAZING.

So relevant to women leaders and change-makers.

Because the two v’s are both a place of vulnerability, openness and also… shame.

Sexual shame, body shame, disowning the inner erotic all impact the way we feel about ourselves as women. And when we ignore the fiery feminine—the very nature of woman—we disconnect from our emotion, our intuition, our creativity, our power… and ultimately our voice.

If we desire to grow a culture of feminine leaders with a voice; we must learn how to love, honor and trust our body.

Healers say that when women look at their second-chakra wounding (this has to do with your feelings about being female, being sexual, your relationship to your own creative power) and heal any discord; the voice (5th chakra) gets stronger as well.

Fascinating, yes?

My girl (poet and truth-freaker) Christina Dunbar is passionately taking this message to the masses. Christina is on a mission to heal this “feminine” shame.  And she’s doing it through art. Christina has a one-woman show called Dirty Me Divine that talks about her *secret* life as an exotic dancer.  Christina had a lot of confusion around her own sexual power and shame about her body that physically manifested in ovarian pain. When doctors couldn’t help her get better, she knew she had to go inward; into her body , deep within the womb, to discover what she felt about being a women.

Dirty Me Divine takes us through the world of shadow and light, the paradox of sex and sin, and through Chistina’s journey of making peace with her feminine and finding her voice.

In her words:

Dirty Me Divine is for the fiery, feminine soul. It is red tears and shrieking laughter. Heartbreak and holy love. Opinions that spring from the depth of your belly. This is for She who aches to dance. This is for Woman. It is red lips and no shame. It is as erotic as you wanna be. It is everything that someone told you is “too much” or “not enough.”

More than a show, it’s a movement.

Because if we are to have a healthy thriving planet where women and men are seen, heard, and valued, it is vital that we begin speaking up for our story, our voice, our opinions, and our body.

Christina is asking for support to share her message and art with the masses. She has created a crowdfunding campaign and is inviting women (and men) to say YES to: truth-freaking, full self-expression, owning the inner erotic, and honoring our stories.

Please  take a few minutes to check out Christina’s kickstarter campaign.(do you know about kickstarter?) You can raise funds for really cool projects but you only have a limited amount of time to make your money goal– and if you don’t make it, you won’t get ANY of the donations.

If this message speaks to you and you want to support a movement that is really about ALL women’s voices being expressed; please donate and share with your friends. It is time we stopped shaming our sacred sexuality and starting honoring the nature of WOMAN.


Every single dollar matters, so if you vibe with this movement for realz, please help it out. Your voice makes a difference, baby!!


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