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Monday Mayhem – The Sound of Silence


Remember your magic. Remember you’re magic. -Lisa Lister

How often have I silenced myself for fear of being heard? How often have I denied my true calling for fear of being seen? How often have I deleted my unfiltered thoughts for fear of having my words twisted? How often have I shushed myself for fear of being destroyed?

How often have YOU denied the call of your heart out of fear? How often have YOU deleted your words for fear of death? How often have YOU stopped the progress of your soul in fear of being misunderstood? How often have YOU talked your creative self into a corner, convincing her that there is not a human alive who will resonate with your craft?

Sit in silence. Soften your heart. Receive ALL the messages of the Universe. Set aside your fear to move forward on your journey that is your destiny.

Ask… How can I open my body and soul to be completely vulnerable so I can receive all the love and joy that is my divine right? What is the wisdom all of the women who have come before are trying to tell me?

Lisa Lister asks…do you trust the wisdom of your fierce, feminine soul?


Start some mayhem, raise some hell… Dr. Melissa Bird

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