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Monday Mayhem – Giving up fear for Lent

Giving up fear for Lent has meant facing some of my greatest fears:

I had ants take over my desk and I am terrified of ants. Jim’s ex wife took him to court again last week and we always navigate fear around that. Not having the money to travel where I need to get to freaks me the hell out.


Oh sure, I haven’t been giving it up perfectly but when the fear starts to rise I ask where it is coming from and then I look at it and I ask myself…

Is my fear valid or does it represent a story I have made up?

Giving up fear has meant I have to tap into love. It means I have to ask what can I do that will leave me to joy and bliss? What actions can I engage in to help me live 2019 full throttle?

It means sitting down every day and doing what needs to be done to communicate how people can pay me, interact with me, gain wisdom from me. It means throwing off the mantle of fear and holding on to a power that is greater than me.

It means connecting to love – the heartbeat of love – the conduit to the soul. The one thing that is for sure.

It is there, the love – the heartbeat you feel in your neck, hear in the stethoscope, connect to when you close your eyes.

Love is not external to us – it is in you at this very second.

Love is calling to you urging you to take the next step. Love is in your being. It is there like a billowy parachute to hold you in your riskiest moments.

Love is ever faithful and true.

Love is whispering to you – screaming at you – calling to you. If you are hearing the calling, if you are compelled to speak, if you are receiving a message…let me be the one to help you connect to the love.

Join me live at my workshops, on the phone, or in one of my group coaching programs. Send me an email and let’s start working together today!

It’s Monday, engage in graceful revolution. xoxo, Dr. Melissa Bird


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