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Monday Mayhem – Burn the Patriarchy DOWN!

Yesterday I got this kick ass message from my friend where she said:

“This was the anger roiling in me this morning. While the snow came down, the fire in me got hotter. It’s time to let the motherfuckers burn. I love you so much for how you inspire me and so many others. You’re onto something here Missy. Don’t let anyone stop you. Keep going.”

I was like BOOM! Damn! Hell YES!

Boy did I need that message because I was DISCOURAGED. Thank you divine universe for reminding me how critical social relations and connections are because they give such rich deep meaning to our lives.

A.C. sent me the writing that came from her fire. It was so inspiring I asked her if I could share it with you. She said yes as long as it is accompanied by this photo:

Crouching tiger hidden dragon

How dare you? How dare you! Even as your power continues to obfuscate reality I have to scold you like a goddamn child Like your mother who has finally had enough of your antics I must call to your attention Your selfish idiocy and narrow minded world view Where only the penis rules Only men may release their power and will on the masses The masses who so carefully defend your power even though It destroys everything they love even themselves

How dare you mock the autonomy of women Their divine ability to make decisions For themselves and their families Damnit they’ve been doing it for millennia Too powerful for you to comprehend You warp reality to make it bend toward yourself Away from justice and equity You bend and warp and contort the facts You twist and writhe to meet your new lies In order to fit within this created world And then you violently shove women into it.

How dare you think that your position entitles you To expertise beyond your knowledge To power beyond your understanding So that you may destroy families, and love, and lives, and communities So that you may control women. Your outrageous lies and callous rules and selfish greed Leave you void of empathy Void of reality Void of scientific knowledge or understanding Void of thought beyond the front of your own damn nose

How dare you build a patriarchy so strong That even you do not understand its depth That even hundreds of years of building knowledge Of shining bright lights on your dark insidious greed So that even woke, powerful, women and men Cannot break it down to its basic core Cannot see how their very breath continues the status quo

And you smile and laugh as you strip away our hard fought rights You beam with pride at every rule and every law That builds back every brick of power We tore asunder decades ago That puts us back closer to where you want us Subservient Small Powerless

Your use of abortion as a tool to belittle what you don’t understand Your 20 week ban Your 15 week ban Your procedure ban Your stupid, thoughtless, rules that serve only To entertain the patriarchy as you watch us Jump through hoop after hoop in the name of your game Which is zero sum for women Zero sum for families Zero sum for communities Meant to keep us down Meant to keep us busy staying alive Striving for wholeness that you took away millennia ago Spending every waking moment playing your fucking game Instead of tearing it down Brick by brick Ripping down Burning down the patriarchy

I will no longer play your game No more dancing before you so you can throw me crumbs I will no longer stand by in silence while you rape my sisters So that you may retain a power I hope to use I will take what is mine All the power and wisdom of the universe And I will teach my sisters and all our children One by one or by the crowd And we will all rise up And let it all burn down.

Let it burn. Poetry by A.C.

It’s Monday, light it up y’all, Dr. Melissa Bird

P.S. If you love this fierce brand of activism and want some in your own life. You can hire me to coach your words and your voice into fierce, passionate reality!

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