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Monday Mayhem – Anger…again…

What if anger didn’t lead to violence?

What if anger didn’t lead to violence perpetrated by ourselves against our own bodies or other women’s bodies?


What if we feminized anger?

What if anger…

…led to passion…

…led to action?

What if we acted out of a space of passionate anger?

We have to forgive ourselves for letting each other down in our own misperceptions about other women.

We are trapped in a never ending cycle of fear paralysis.

We have been blaming and shaming ourselves for not doing/being better.

We have been secretly judging ourselves for our failings and shortcomings.

We are acting like we are drowning. And we will drown…if we continue to struggle.

Release the fear. Be like these women

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Create some mayhem, raise some hell. Dr. Melissa Bird


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