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Monday Mayhem – A prayer for justice

Give us the grace, oh universe, to answer readily the call of social justice and community building and proclaim to all people the Good News of our rising, that we and the whole world may perceive the glory of our marvelous works; who lives and reigns with you and the spirit of love, one love, for ever and ever. Amen and Blessed Be. -Dr. Melissa Bird

Your heart is a star – it guides like the North star. Do you ever marvel at the stars? Do you look to the sky and gaze upon the splendid wonder of the sparkling shimmering stars? Do you seek guidance from their luminous presence?

When was the last time you gazed inward towards the beating of your heart? Have you shut it off to protect yourself from hurt or pain?

What would happen if you opened your heart back up?

Hold your heart in the palm of your hand and breathe love and light into it showing it that you believe in it and it’s infinite capacity to guide you towards all the magic, glory, abundance, and passionate badassery you deserve.

Neverending Story.jpg

Your heart is your compass. It is your North star. It is the only space within your body that shows you the way.

Your heart will never let you down.

You may be waiting for a magic potion, a sign, a smack upside the head that you are on the right path but know, dear one, that simply by being born you are on the right path. Believe in the power and the glory that you hold deep inside of you.

You are the Graceful Revolution.

If you want to find your voice. If you want to start your own graceful revolution. Check out my online training program Fanning the Flames.

Cause some mayhem, listen to your heart! Love, Dr. Melissa Bird


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