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Eff Sh*t Up Friday – We are witnessing the gaslighting of an entire nation

There will be many moments in our lives where we will be presented with the opportunity to make a difference in someone else’s life. It is that presentation that creates space for us to expand our soul, grow love in our hearts, and tap into the intuitive energy that flows deep in our veins.


Most people won’t take this opportunity. For most people it will seem too daunting, too difficult, too uncomfortable.

And so…the moment quickly passes us by.

Until the next time, because these moments come over and over again. God wants us to have these opportunities. The divine Goddess wants us to feel the expansive love that comes from listening to our hearts instead of the cacophony of the ego.

Today we are surrounded by information. Information that does not come from a space of love. Information that is meant to distract and keep us paralyzed and afraid.

breathe poppies

Right now is the moment for you to find a nice quiet space to sit. Close your eyes and take a big deep breath.

What do you feel? What do you know to be true? What can you breathe into this knowing?

Do you see that the children at the border are the victims of our own broken system? Do you see that the children at the border do not deserve to be ripped out of the arms of the people who came here to protect them?

Do you see that when you set aside the noise and the yelling…that these are just mommies and daddies trying their best to love their precious babies?

Love thy neighbor. Do unto others. Be love. Be light. Do not believe the lies – listen to Gods whisper.

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Be the fire. Be the love. Eff Sh*t Up. Dr. Melissa Bird


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