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Eff Sh*t Up Friday – Poem for Graceful Revolution

Create Personal Revolution

Grace is the revolution

Grace is stepping into the unknown

Grace is willingness to fail

Grace is being open to hearing how you have hurt others and changing your response to life instead of using defensiveness to cope

Grace is knowing that something bigger than you is giving you strength

Grace is knowing you have no control and being ok with that knowing

Grace is the silence between the hard conversations

Grace is the light in the darkest hour

Grace is total surrender

Grace is receiving unconditional love in all of its forms

Grace gives us a way out of the mess

Grace is peace

Grace is loving

Grace is kind

Grace is breathing through the pain and grounding yourself in the foundation of Mother Earth

Grace is the elegance of the divine feminine in word and deed

Grace is infinite love

Grace is openness to the divine

Grace is the revolution

It’s Friday, get messy in the revolution! xoxo,

Dr. Melissa Bird

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