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Eff Sh*t Up Friday – Do we take abundance for granted?

When I was sitting in church last Sunday the sermon was all about abundance.

When I was sitting in the Women’s Conference at Netroots Nation the conversation was all about abundance.

In fact, one of my new favorite humans, Michele Jawando said, “Throw off the shackles of limitation in the spaces that you are. You walk away with bounty when you have an abundance of ideas.”


I have abundance in a great many ways.

I have a home, food, water, a car. I have safety, love, hugs. I have words, a platform, experiences.

I ask you this…ask yourself…what do you give that becomes abundant? Is it love? Is it time? Is it your words? Your writing? Is it your passion? Your joy? Is it your action?

What if the revolution isn’t about fighting? What if it is about taking the riches of your wisdom, experiences, and your life story and sharing it generously with others in an effort to create community through shared experience?

The more we share our abundant gifts of badassery, we receive tenfold the gift of change, community, and love.

Rise. Wake. Shift. Change. Share your abundance with others.

It’s Friday, fuck shit up y’all, Dr. Melissa Bird

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