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Don't Stop Believing

Just recently my coach asked me what my big promise to my clients is.

I drew a total blank.

What is my big promise?

I mean that is a heavy question.

She told me to go back to my why.

Well, my why is easy.

My why is to heal wounds and bridge the divide among women by giving their voices life.

I am compelled to make a difference.

The only way we can heal our communities is by admitting that each one of us carries shame. The way we avoid shame is to criticize other women while simultaneously shaming ourselves for our choices.

This has to stop.

Like Journey says, we can’t stop believing in ourselves.

And we have to believe, faithfully.

But back to my big promise (don’t let it scare you).

My big promise is to stop the cycle of self shame and self doubt through rebellion and revolution.

It sounds big doesn’t it?

But it isn’t.

If you walk around thinking, “If I see one more thing about X, I swear I am gonna either speak my mind or lose it” then you are right there with me. Join me for the revolution.

Rock on,

Dr. Melissa Bird

PS. If you are ready to stop the cycle of shame and doubt and step into your true power, get on my schedule and let’s step into possibility together.


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