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Do you trust the high?

Listen to me read this blog right here!

When you are in the zone do you trust the high?

When you are creating what your heart compels you to create to you trust your instinct?

When you are falling in love do you have faith in the risk?

I do now but I didn’t used to.

I used to live in fear pretty much 24/7.

I was terrified of being abandoned.

I was terrified of no one loving me.

I was terrified that if I said exactly what was on my mind that people would get angry at me.

All of those fears are positively ridiculous but they remained true for me for years.

You know what helped me get rid of them?

I talked to my fear.

I visualized my fear as a big hairy ugly poo pie.

I asked it why it was there and what purpose it served and guess what?

My fear went away.

Now when my fears surface, and let me just tell you launching a new website and book triggers all those fears in spades, I look at it and we have a little chat and guess what?

It dissipates.

And if it doesn’t I go for a walk.

And then it dissipates.

And if it doesn’t I listen to Metallica at full blast.

And then it dissipates.

And if it doesn’t then I write and phone a friend.

And then it dissipates.

My fear isn’t gone completely ever.

But its voice gets quieter when I don’t ignore it.

And my body feels better when I don’t ignore it.

And my life becomes so much more expansive when I don’t give it power.

Rock on,

Dr. Melissa Bird


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