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Be. Grace.

You do not have to control everything. You do not have to create chaos where there is none. You do not have to tell people what to do to feel like you are in control. You are loved and this isn’t something you need to sabotage. You are safe. No one is going to hurt you.

Do not panic. Your default is not panic. Your default is NOT panic.

Anxiety isn’t real. It is a symptom of an old story. It is an illusion. You don’t have to give in.

You are ok. You are loved. You don’t had to be irrational to get attention.

When you are out of sync with your purpose – which is love – you freak out. Stop. Breathe. Put the bird finger away. You. Are. Ok.

You are not a dictator. You are a kind being who embraces grace.

Be. Grace.


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