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A Message From The Ancestors

The path before you is long and sometimes winding. You have been taught to believe that because you have no certainty that you are somehow confused about your destination. That the world is too vast and too big and therefore is something to be feared.

It is the unknowns that bring the greatest pleasures in life.

The risks to adventure, to break away from convention, to go on a quest to find the answers to your questions. These risks are why we are here.

We are not here to control and predict.

We are here to question and be curious.

We are here to listen and wonder.

When you are willing to travel to the highest point and look out at the valley around you - really look - you start to realize that the landmarks around you are really a map. The three hills are a guide post, the buildings a pattern.

When you are willing to connect with the land of your past, the path towards your future becomes crystal clear.

Recognize that the vastness of infinite possibility is your birthright. Allow your fear to dissipate and welcome clarity into your decision making. How?

  1. Know that you are protected. You are surrounded by the spirits and guardians of your destiny.

  2. Look closer at your own map. What has been laid out for you is your own journey. Release that you think you should be doing and surrender to what you are here for.

  3. Lay back and look up at the sky. That vastness is with purpose and you are part of the largesse of life. Take the step you have been putting off.

We are meant to be expansive, connected, curious beings.

We are meant to love and we are meant to grieve.

We are meant to celebrate and we are meant to wrestle.

The complexities of life are what creates its beauty. Lack of connection to earth is what creates confusion in our souls.


Dr. Melissa Bird


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