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13 Days left in my 28 Day Cycle

28 Days

28 Days in a menstrual cycle

28 Days in this Kickstarter campaign

13 Days left in this campaign

August 28 is when we find out if we conceived so we can give birth to this project

My mother was adopted as an infant. She recently met her birth mother Joyce. This is why Joyce committed money to my Kickstarter project:

“My virgin days are long over but the book will give many people quite a bit to think about. When I was young and even a little older, abortion was something that was done with a hanger or a knitting needle except if you knew a doctor who would take care of you if, of course, you had the money to pay for it. There were, of course, back-alley people who would do an abortion but that was probably a terrible idea and one fraught with danger.”

This project is about the interviews of women who have EXTREME difficulty obtaining CONTRACEPTION and abortion.

This project is about the stories of women that have been ignored by the legislative and decision making bodies in America.

This project is about privilege, hope, justice, invisibility, fierce courage, strength.

Let’s get back to Joyce:

“Personally, I’m glad it wasn’t to be for me or else I would never have known you and your family or had a wonderful daughter but EVERY WOMAN SHOULD HAVE A CHOICE to do as she sees fit without guilt or fear.”

This project allows me to finish my dissertation, obtain my PhD, and publish a book that will be used by politicians, activists, teachers, women, and men to change the dialogue about what KINDS of women have stories about contraception and abortion.

Like Joyce says:

“When I was on my own for a while I went to Planned Parenthood for personal care and couldn’t have done without it so my feeling is that your book must reach that broad audience out there who need to read and understand what is at stake.”

I tried to take the traditional academic route to funding and was told NO, we don’t have money for that sort of research. While my PhD gives professional credence to my voice, my research on reproductive health and justice is not valued by mainstream academia.

What I am called to do does not follow the narrow road of patriarchy.

Being told NO is not an answer I can live with.

Fund my Kickstarter today.

Say YES to women.

Say YES to research that affirms women’s lives.

Say YES to a book that has the power to change everything for women and girls in America.


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