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What is your soul purpose?

What is your soul purpose?

Do you question what you are even doing here?

Do you wonder if you will ever be able to fulfill what you KNOW your hearts longing to be true?

What do you need so that you know that it is okay to feel reflective and quiet at this time?

Is it permission?

Dear one,

I give you permission at this time to be whatever it is you need to be. Remember to listen to that inner guide inside you. There is a little voice in there. Sometimes it is quietly whispering, sometimes it is pounding down the door, but it is always there telling you exactly what you need to hear. Listen to the whispers of your heart. They are your guiding light.

Rock on,

Dr. Melissa Bird

PS. If you are looking for that purpose, if you are ready to find your drive, get on my schedule and let’s see what that guiding light has to say!


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