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Monday Mayhem – Shushed by the patriarchy

Holy crapola! Two nights ago I had the most vivid dream! I dreamt that everywhere I tried to go I got stopped. I had huge meetings and presentations and I was blocked every step of the way. Getting lost. Clothes snagging on hooks. Couches in front of doorways. It was a WEIRD night!


I shared this with my friend and coach Susan Hyatt and she said, “WE SHALL NOT BE STOPPED!” And that hit me smack in the face. How often are people trying to stop us? How often are we trying to stop ourselves?

The media is full of ways men are trying to stop women.

We are being coaxed into silence. Blocked from places we are trying to go. Kept out of leadership positions.

Every step of the way we are being shushed by the patriarchy!

man shush.png

There comes a moment where you have to believe more in your ability to do amazing things than the voices of doubt that are created by this system to tell you that you can’t.

That you can’t have it all. That you are flawed. That you can’t do anything right.

Like my friend Susan said, “WE SHALL NOT BE STOPPED.”

If you want to find your voice. If you want to raise some hell. If you want to start your own graceful revolution. Check out my online training program Fanning the Flames.

Cause some mayhem, raise some hell! Love, Dr. Melissa Bird


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